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LOL at this whole topic. I had no idea there were people out there so paranoid about blu-tooth and cell phone radiation. Hahaha. Seriously, don't you get way more radiation on a daily basis purely from SUNLIGHT then from your ps3 controller? And no, blu-tooth and cellphone radiation is not cumulative.

Ionizing Radiation is the bad stuff and it causes atoms particles to be disrupted. Radioactive decay, nuclear reactions, from the Sun (ever get a sunburn?).

Electromagnetic Radiation however is harmless. Radio Waves, Cell phones, Visible light, infrared light.

You must also not fly commercially either of course. Since you're that high in the altitude you actually intake 10x the normal amount of radiation during the flight than if you were on the ground. And forget about going to the beach or being outside in the sun! You will take about 3x the radiation then if you were to stay indoors wearing your tin foil hat. Worrying about your blu-tooth, cell phone, and wifi really is beyond obsessive and pointless.
They should probably avoid concrete, smoking and bananas as well. Oh and those orange glazed plates, since they often use uranium for orange coloring in stoneware. Radiation, and I mean ionizing radiation, is everywhere. You'd probably need to build a ball out of lead and float it to the middle of the ocean to have any shot at avoiding radiation. There's some evidence that small doses of ionizing radiation are good for you, generally speaking living somewhere with high background radiation means living somewhere with less incidences of cancer for example.