I'll be honest...I used to only want retail discs but the convenience of having them all on the console for easy access has pushed me towards going with digital for this next cycle. I'm planning to buy all my games digitally going forward. I can see both cases and honestly, I don't notice performance issues either way. This is strictly a matter of convenience. Games nowadays have absolutely nothing to provide the gamer other than a disc. Hell, if i want I'll buy a bunch of dvd boxes, print out custom covers and throw them on the shelf. It's the exact same thing as what you have now...but without having to switch.

I will be more careful though with what I buy if it's not on sale though. With digital you're losing out on the opportunity to sell your used game...which i did quite often.

Anyone decide to go this route? I really hope they decide on more aggresive pricing on digital downloads and/or a lower starting price point (maybe 54.99 for digital)? Also, I'd like to see some first day digital download exclusives that at least match the preorder bonuses that people get.

I used the ps3 strictly for exclusives so did most of my gaming on the 360 last gen. How was PS+ sale prices on games? Were the discounts reasonable?