If you've noticed with a lot of these announced titles are targeting 60fps. As someone who enjoys this smoothness, this is great news. And I think it's really smart to do this in the beginning of the generation when these new visuals are still able to be called new. And surprisingly, the best part is that a lot of these 60fps games look on par with the 30fps games in a lot of ways. Games like Metal Gear Solid and Battlefield 4 look on par with games like Infamous, and Forza looks on par with Driveclub despite the disparity in horsepower. It looks like with the law of diminishing returns, we are finally seeing developers feel more comfortable with targeting the higher framerate. Even Microsoft is pushing 60fps onto Halo for the next generation. It would be exciting if 60fps became much more standard next gen. And to think we used to have 15fps PS1 games lol.