Hi everyone, I'm not that active in the forum but I read a lot of the posts because I find them interesting and several times very helpful.
This post brings no good news. Last Friday some bastards broke into my apartment using a crowbar and stole several of our things, including my beloved PS3 80 GB backwards compatible, which was in perfect condition... They also took all my video games, which I was planning to collect. Sets like Uncharted, Resistance, god of war, assassins creed, fifa, guitar hero, and disks like bf3, metal gear solid, the last of us among others are now gone. They took laptops, tablets, cameras, my wife's jewelry... They also took my ps vita, my alienware laptop and a nice collection of blurays I had bought during years.
I know it's just stuff and that live goes on I guess, but it is hard to lose stuff that you obtained with hard work.

I quickly changed my PSN password because the password was stored in the console. I needed it that way because of automatic updates from PS +.
Can somebody think on something I should be doing to protect my account, besides changing the pwd?
thanks for the time...