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    90 minutes that's nothing. Try 2 days, then you ear the title of ambitious

    I certainly can't wait for the next gen of racers, and I looks good so far.
    Quote Originally Posted by bru_sek View Post
    I thought AC started going downhill (sucking butt is sometimes quite fun actually) but I just saw the 13m gameplay vid of ac4 have changed my mind.

    In any case, yes The Crew looks to be the best next gen racing game I've seen by far... really excited.
    Oh my......

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    MMO racing takes a turn for the better: enter The Crew!

    " “Next-gen” implies several things, one that it is only available on the newest consoles being released. This is often where next-gen definition ends – historically new consoles have games that aren’t going to be pushing the new hardware as developers get comfortable programing for the platform. The “next-gen” that interests us, then, is when a game or technology leverages the new hardware that simply isn’t possible on the existing consoles, and pushes past our current expectations."

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