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    Build process:
    Considering it was maybe 6 years ago when I was in the PC build scene not all that much has changed, some of my old PC parts feature in my 1st Gen 1.8GHz Dual Core are here today but in full force. Using help from you guys here, YouTube videos (NCIX and the like) I had a pretty firm grasp on where I was heading and what had to be done including the price/preformance I could achieve building from scratch my way.

    The physical build only took about 1hr, it was really quite fun. The Prodigy is truly a remarkable case and props to Bit Fenix they deserve full credit, even if you remove all drive bays you can still install 1 laptop HDD and 2 SSD's on the side case panel, lol. I fortunately only remove a small upper section of drive bays that easily clipped out to make room for my GTX 650 video card which was maybe 1CM too long to allow both to sit in side.

    Case - BitFenix Prodigy Atomic Orange. ($89)
    Power Supply - Coolermaster Extreme 700W ATX ($109)
    Motherboard - Gigabyte Z87N-Wifi ($155)
    CPU - 4th Gen Intel i7
    4770 Haswell 4 Core 3.4GHz 8 Thread ($360)
    GPU - Asus GTX650 2GB DDR5. (
    RAM - G.Skill RipJaws 8GBx2 DDR3, 1600MHz ($170)HDD - 128GB ScanDisk Ultra Plus ($110)
    ROM - LG 16x Blu-Ray burner (

    Total Spent (So far):
    $1,252 Australian bucks.
    Bring on the i7 3.4GHz Haswell :P



    Open side w/cable management.

    Additional push fan installed on the top.

    Rear I/O

    Final thoughts:
    I few minor road blocks along the way such as power converters for the fans but I just nicked those from my old PC. Also windows had issues installing but I quickly sorted some stuff out in the bios and got up and running.

    Beautiful case, powerful computer. Everything I've thrown at it runs at full graphics 720P I can even emulate PS2 games at 720P with x8 AA. 720P is my TV limit, I am sure even with a GTX 650 2GB 1080P wouln't cause much issue.

    Thanks to all that helped, now if only I could turn this into a PC building business :/
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