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    PSU Username Change Archive

    With a few people having had name changes recently, we need a place to keep track so that people don't lose the plot! Have a look and commit the names to memory! If you get a name change done, please post it here.

    Please keep it alphaBETTERcal

    Blacksite > Black
    brebaz > TheBreezyBB
    DreDayDetox > Lebowski
    Dr l33t > OregonViking
    Flaw3d Genius > UKHardcore
    FolkishGoblin > NeoTokyoOutlaw
    forrma > KnotGamer901
    Gersfc > Gers
    itachi73378 > Itachi
    justintheman87 > Justin
    -Kwesnoth- > Kwes
    Lethal_NFS > Lethal
    mankind > berts08
    PeanutButterMunky > PBM
    PoopIsTheBest > Captncoke49
    ps3freak18 > PS4freak
    radgamer420 > mistercrow
    SchaffinOSX > Steve
    Silver_Knight > Silvy
    SupraGaz > GazzaGSi
    T0PGUN > -Shafty-
    Three3-Times > Blackbauer > 33x
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