Release Date: TBA

Weapon efficiency % readout now uses new absolute range setting instead of effective range, meaning it now provides info at all ranges

Logistics update:
Gave the Amarr logistics suit an additional low slot at PROTOTYPE tier and a third equipment slot at ADVANCED tier
Introduced the sidearm slot at STANDARD tier level instead of PROTOTYPE tier, so the role gets its defining characteristic from the start
Increased Amarr Logistics PG: 3 at STD (up to 36 from 33), 4 at ADV (up to 50 from 46) and 6 at PRO (up to 72 from 66)
Altered the shield recharge delays of all Logistics suits to be closer to Assault suits
Lower Caldari Logistics CPU: 20 at STD (down to 175 from 195), 28 at ADV (down to 245 from 273) and 40 at PRO (down to 350 from 390)
Adjusted Caldari Logistics and Assault bonuses as per the below:
Caldari Logistics: 5% bonus to shield extenders per level
Caldari Assault: 2% bonus to hybrid weapon reload speed
Caldari Logistics: 5% bonus to shield regulators per level
Caldari Assault: 2% bonus to shield extenders per level

Flaylock Pistols:
Reduced base splash damage from 195 to 140
Reduced base direct hit damage from 218 to 165
Reduced the blast radius to 1.25 from 1.5 meters for ADVANCED tier, and from 2.0 to 1.5 meters for PROTOTYPE tier
Modified ammo skill to give 1 missile per level instead of 5% per level
Modified fitting skill to give a CPU bonus instead of PG
Reduced ammo pool from 21 to 15 at STANDARD tier; 18 at ADVANCED tier and 21 at PROTOTYPE tier
Contact grenades:
Lowered ammo count to 1
$#@!genised PG/CPU
$#@!genised blast damage and radius

Chat channel name limit increased to 60 characters
Enlarged the Aurum purchase window and added show info button

Added shadow-casting on the first person hands and weapon

Bug fixes and polish
Fixed an issue that could cause deployable equipment to become unusable
Fixed an issue by which changing seats in a vehicle could cause the player to become invisible
Fixed an issue wherein the player could be killed by a flux grenade
Fixed an issue with the overheat system, where turrets and infantry weapons would fire indefinitely without depleting ammunition
Fixed an issue affecting the laser and scrambler rifles, whereby reloading during the cooldown rendered the weapon unable to shoot
Fixed a low level issue that was causing several infrequent crashes and hangs
Fixed an infrequent crash when loading a Skirmish match from the Instant Battle tab in the Battlefinder
Fixed an erroneous corruption message when loading a Skirmish match from the Instant Battle tab in the Battlefinder
Removed shadow artifacts appearing on flat surfaces
Smoothed out the animation of players in the distance
Also worth posting along with this is a post by CCP Wolfman giving a brief look at what's coming up in 1.4 and 1.5

Hi guys,

I see a bunch of different things being mentioned here so I thought Iíd quickly let you know whatís going on with them.

Amount of stuff in 1.3 Ė This was an intentionally short release to give us a trial run of the new processes we have put in place to be able to deliver updates to you faster. Thatís why it might feel a bit Ďlightí. 1.4 is the 'correct' length and consequently will have more stuff.

Aiming Ė Aiming was worked on throughout 1.3 laying the foundations for the work me and Remnant are currently doing on it for 1.4. There simply wasnít enough time to get it all ready and tested for 1.3. The pad and the mouse will be getting an update, testing is going well. Iíll have a dev blog about this soon with more details.

Vehicle tuning and 1.4 Ė work on this has started. However we donít want to just make small patches and tweaks here and there as we have in the past. We need to take a full pass on vehicles/turrets/modules as a whole. This as you can imagine is a lot of work. It is a priority for us but donít expect to see significant updates until 1.5. We need a good chunk of time to get through it all..

Murder Taxis Ė For 1.4 weíve updated the vehicle/infantry collision and damage system. I retuned the damage completely the other day and so far in my small tests itís feeling a lot better. Weíll be testing it in our internal playtests this week so we can see how it holds up with more players.

Other bits and bobs - There is also work underway on matchmaking, AFKing and red lining. Iím not working on the matchmaking so I canít provide you with details there right now. Iíll be involved with the redline and AFK stuff this week so Iíll give more info on that soon.


CCP Wolfman
I know I've been on a Dust hiatus, and it looks like it'll continue for at least a little longer, but assuming everything goes to plan I should be back more regularly with 1.4.