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    LocoCycle dev Twisted Pixel is working on a new IP

    I like this studio. I don't know if I like LocoCycle but 'm willing to try it. They made some good XBLA games.
    Twisted Pixel has confirmed it is working on a new IP other than its Xbox One debut LocoCycle.
    Speaking with Joystiq, Twisted Pixel’s marketing director Jay Stuckwisch said “Yeah, [we're] working on another new project as well. Always working,” and added that the Microsoft-owned studio retains full artistic control of the projects.
    On the nature of the studio’s acquisition by Microsoft in 2011, he added, “They’re actually doing this thing with the acquisition that’s called the ‘light touch approach,’ where they’re basically just … they came in, they bought us and we keep doing what we do. It’s business as usual.
    “Every once in a while, Microsoft pops down here just to check in and say ‘hey’ and eat some barbecue, and then they’re back on their way to Seattle. So yeah, it’s been good.”
    The independence should come as refreshing news to fans of the studio’s output, which includes ‘Splosion Man and Comic Jumper. LocoCylcle – a tale of a sentient military motorbike and its hapless rider Pablo – sounds equally as nuts as its predecessors. It’s coming to Xbox One at launch.

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    Nice to see they just keep pumping out exclusive after exclusive for us. It's too bad that Lococycle looks like ass though. Granted, their other games are awesome, but Loco looks...well....loco.

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    New IP are always great.

    I'm normally heaps into quirky games like Lococycle... but honestly it just looks like crap

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