I'm totally new to PS3. Sorry if my questions will sound weird.

1. Does the sub account have Online ID and can collect Trophies?

2. What happens if my kid gets older? Any way to promote the account and separate from my account? How this is done?

3. I've seen FAQs saying that some content (for instance - M) is restricted to sub accounts. Can I regulate that? How? In XBL I can set what content child accounts can see or not. How this is done in PSN?

4. How sub accounts are added to PS3? I know how I added my PSN account (create a local PS3 user, go to PSN menu, enter my PSN ID+psw) and that's it). What's the process of adding sub account?

5. Why Sony wants us to have two accounts on a single PS3? A local account and then PSN account. Why we can't add PSN account like XBL accounts are added in Xbox case?

That's it for the beginning