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You can say what you want but we all know that you responded that way due the the fact that I exposed to everyone that you admitted the killzone pics are more impressive than those from Ryse. If you didn't think those Killzone pics looked better than Ryse then you wouldn't have made this big fuss over them being "cutscene renders". They're in-game/exactly what you'll see when playing. I provided proof of that. You keep saying you've seen killzone videos. Let me point out that those single player videos were not using these assets from the images posted. The single player footage is not an updated build like the footage in the proof I provided.
I didn't admit anything. I'm going on the gameplay footage i've seen from both games and Ryse is more impressive IMO. It's really subjective, especially at this point when they are both still unfinished. Ryse has also been updated according to the devs, and not just the QTE thing. Both games are impressive but with things like realistic facial animation expressions really put Ryse out in front. It's not just me saying this. People at gamescom were saying the same thing, which is subjective also. The game is undoubtedly beautiful and gruesome.