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    The Evil Within Director Shinji Mikami On The Importance Of Graphics

    "Mikami adds, “The PlayStation 4’s resolution is very high, so the picture is gorgeous. In regards to lighting, the parts that were rather sketchy in the past, can now be done with much more detail, which I believe is a big part of the evolution.”

    He also shares his idea that when there’s room to improve smaller details, as long as you give it your best, they all eventually add up and make the entire picture’s grade much higher. This not only applies to the amount of lighting, or parts focusing on horror, but also the change in detailed space, by adjusting them all to increase the overall grade, even if it’s by a miniscule amount.

    “The density of our pictures is very high. Particularly the parts that connect the game play to the cut-scenes,” says Mikami. “It goes straight in (the cut-scene) and straight out, smoothly. By properly splitting the data throughout the chapters, it is hard to differentiate when the game play starts and when the cut-scenes start. We’re putting plenty of attention into the adjustments of room space, positional relation between you and the enemy, sense of depth, and sound volume. The seamless tying of it all is coming out very nicely.” ~ Full Article

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    I am looking forward to this game. Next gen I hope devs revive the horror genre. We have this and the one Jessica Chobit helped with coming.
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    Man o man. I hope this game delivers like RE1 and Silent Hill 2 did! I'm aware of the fact that many of his fans have skyhigh expectations, and that there's a fair chance we'll be disappointed because of that. But I have faith in this mf'er! loL!

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    this man is a gaming icon, i got faith in him.

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    I was interested in this game from day one. I know this will be an awesome addition to the survival horror genre. Speaking of there are quite a few coming to the genre. This, the one that Chobot is working with, and Outlast. Looks like the genre may be making a big comeback!

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