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    Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Reveal

    This could be potentially be an awesome MP. Being the hero or turning into a villain sounds great.

    Arkham Origins' multiplayer is being made by Brink developers Splash Damage, a separate team from WB Montreal, the studio working on the single-player game. (Splash Damage creative director Alastair Cornish was sure to point out that no resources were being taken away from the single-player to focus on multiplayer, which was a common worry among commenters back when we broke that story.)Invisible Predator Online (let's call it IPO) doesn't appear to be the only of the game's multiplayer modes, though the developers and PR were typically—though no less frustratingly—tight-lipped about any possible other modes. IPO involves a conflict between Joker and Bane, with Batman and Robin in the middle.
    It's a three-team asymmetrical setup: Three players play as Joker's goons, three as Bane's, and two as Batman and Robin. The bad guys control more or less like characters in any third-person shooter you've ever played. Aim with the triggers, take cover, throw grenades, etc. The big wild card in the game-type are the heroes, who don't have guns and control like the heroes in past Arkham games.
    As the two thug teams fight it out on ground level, the heroes flit about above it all, swooping in periodically wreak havoc. It makes for a distinctive experience that, while not without some crustiness, is chaotic and enjoyable in a way that feels fresh.Ready for some bullet points? Let's do this.

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