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So it is just getting worse and worse... Still have $#@!ty achievements and now a Rep system... I am so passing now

I want a gaming console without all this bullocks... Hell with you MS, you have lost a customer
One of the funniest posts ive read on here for a while!

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If this works without any problems it could be good.

Currently on the Xbox 360 rep system I am 89% avoided. I never talk on my headset, I never send messages to anyone other than my friends list. The only thing I'm guilty of is kicking peoples ass on COD/FIFA/Madden and I guess they can't take it and avoid me for "unsporting" which has the majority of the percentage for why I am avoided.

So I hope this new system accounts for people who just like to hate on me and give me a bad rep for nothing. I reckon I got most of my hate from FIFA and Madden.
Football games are a killer for bad rep!