I think we are too caught up here in defending our console of choice. We also suffer from the fact that we are early adopters and gamer fanatics. We need to step back and look at this from a common sense...OBJECTIVE view. That is....the consoles will release at the same time, have roughly the same features, mostly the same games, offer the same experience but one console is $100 cheaper....no matter how you slice it....thats a big ACE to have up your sleave! Of course I favor Sony products...I bought them all at launch...will pay whatever it is almost...and there are those people on both sides....but I have also majored in Business and Economics and spent my the last dozen years of my life in Sales and trust me....price plays a huge role in choosing a purchase...especially when features and function is almost identical.....what do you think happened to Sony's TV division....when companies like Samsung and others could offer almost identical viewing capabilities with the same functionality....well we saw how that affected sales. Both companies have TONS of brand appeal....but we all know last gen Sony had the extra features...the bluray, free online, stronger brand appeal but two big things swayed last gen...early launch by MS and a cheaper console. Suddenly all your friends had a 360 first...and it was more accessible pricewise...so it became the default console...and Sony had a painful generation that only started to gain footing when their price became more pleasing and they started releasing tons and tons of killer games. I'm not saying MS can't win or won't put up the same fight....but we have to admit....Sony has the trump card starting this gen. They got a lot of great pub from the price and their powerful console...and I think anyone would have to admit they have a leg up to start this gen.