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    Get 6 Games For A Small Donation The Humble Bundle

    My girlfriends dad just told me about this site this afternoon I donated $5 (3.8 and got the first set of games...

    Saints Row 2
    Saints Row The Third
    Risen 2
    Sacred 2 Gold
    Dead Island GOTY Edition
    Saints Row The Third DLC Bundle

    Games above may change when you read this as there's a new set of bargains every Thursday I'm told

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    Its actually the Humble Weekly thats every Wednesday/Thursday, the one you quoted above is the Humble Bundle which goes for two weeks and sometimes can go weeks before another one appears.

    The Humble Weekly currently has:

    "$1 or more":
    King’s Bounty: The Legend
    King's Bounty: Armored Princess
    Men of War
    Men of War: Red tide

    "Beat the Average" (Currently $3.35):
    The above, plus:
    King's Bounty: Crossworlds
    Men of War: Assault Squad

    If you give them less than $1 than you will only get the King's Bounty games, since the Men of War games are only steam keys.. and Steam required a minimum of $1 to get keys.

    I highly recommend the King's Bounty games, they are a lot of fun. I also recommend Groupees. They have music and game bundles quite frequently, currently they have a Action RPG Groupees going, and next week is a Japanese themed Bundle.

    Also rumor has it in a few days (in the second week) the Humble Bundle will have Risen 1, Metro 2033, and Sacred Citadel added to all pre-bonus bundles. If you buy the bundle after the bonuses have been unlocked, you will be required to "beat the average" (currently $4.97) to get them. So paying at least $1 now will unlock the bonuses in the second week.
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