View Poll Results: (Take a minute to think about it) What's your MAIN motivation in buying a HD remake?

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  • Nostalgia - Really liked the game in the past, no longer have it, wanted to play it again.

    9 47.37%
  • No Backwards Compatibility - didn't finish and can't play original software, it's the only way.

    7 36.84%
  • New Feature - The new version has extra levels or a game mode the original lacked, extra value.

    0 0%
  • Better Graphics - old game looks horrible on HDTV, new version has significant visual enhancements

    2 10.53%
  • Trophy Support - I just wanted the trophies.

    1 5.26%
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    I mostly buy them for the nostalgia. Sometimes it's because I never got around to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arimax View Post
    The only true HD remakes out there far as I know FFX and FFX-2 hopefully they come out soon tired of waiting, and really don't care for X-2, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD and there was one more well Wipeout HD might as well.

    You know what this is Wipeout HD's fault it just dawned on me they were quite possibly the first successful HD remake of a game way back in 08. Am I right?
    It depends, HD remakes can be anything that displays in high resolution. Most of the games arent getting new textures unless they're being remade from like the PSone days. Generally they'll rescan the old textures in higher res and every so often they might rebuild a character from scratch with new textures (I think that's the case with FF10, 10-2 and KH1.5HD) but they're all still technically HD. Every so often you'll see a bad interpretation of the process like apparently Hitman collection and Devil May Cry Collection and other times you'll get upgrades that barely seem to register like the ZOE HD collection.
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    It's certainly one part nostalgia; the other reasons are a little more opaque. I guess it's an amalgamation of better graphics, features, trophies, accessibility - they all combine to give you more of a particular game you cherish. Metal Gear Solid's a prime example: meticulous transfer and genuinely added to the experience some eight years later. Final Fantasy X/X-2 looks to be another such example that I personally can't wait for, given my affinity for the former. The HD collections also give newer fans a better transition into a classic rather than having to boot up an old system and play a game that may or may not have aged well.

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    Nostalgia in hd

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