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    [100% Legit News] Nintendo CEO bought 10,000 Wii U's

    “When I saw the sales figures come in for the Wii U, I was dismayed,” said Iwata at a press conference, “As CEO, I can not just do nothing. This is why I bought ten thousand Wii Us in an effort to make the numbers appear larger. I apologize for attempting to deceive investors, but please understand that I really believe in this product and the potential it has.”

    Iwata paused for a moment and then continued speaking, “Personally, I barely use my Wii U so I understand where some users are coming from. I can assure them that if they wait until 2014 or 2015 that games will eventually come. In the meantime, I suggest that current Wii U owners browse Miiverse and draw a lot of pictures.”

    One member of the press asked how Nintendo will entice potential buyers of the system to which Iwata replied, “Currently there is not much to sway consumers into purchasing a Wii U right this instant. To be honest, I’m surprised that there are still people who are thinking about buying a Wii U. In any case, you can browse Miiverse on your computer and smartphone and look at the pictures that current Wii U owners have drawn.”

    Iwata ended the conference stating, “Does anyone want to buy a Wii U from me right now?”
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