Rockstar commented on the possibility of GTA V on next-gen consoles today. They sound like they don’t have anything concrete right now and are focusing on the PS3/360 versions only.

Rockstar says:

We’ll get the current gen version out first and see what happens in the future.

It doesn’t look like Rockstar is planning anything just yet. I’m assuming they want to make a bunch of money off GTA V this holiday before they undertake the task of porting GTA V to Xbox One, PS4 and possibly PC in 2014.

That said, I can’t help but think I should wait for a next-gen port of the game. San Andreas never got ported to 360/PS3 (well, not as something other than an Xbox/PS2 classic anyway) but it also came out more than a year before the Xbox 360 launched.

I'm 100% sure it will get released on next gen some time next year, so i have no plans on buying it for the PS3, what are you thoughts? anyone else skipping it on current gen in hope for a next gen release?