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I don't see how that makes it more flexible. It's convenient for current Xbox Live subscribers if they get the benefits of it without needing to get an Xbox One.

I am a little curious now though, what kind of benefits do users who don't upgrade, get from Microsoft's cloud?

Going back to the other discussion, the other cloud services don't have "subscribers"?

You do realize that Amazon uses their cloud as storage for mp3 music? People who buy music through Amazon get a cloud service by default.......not sure how any of this makes a service more flexible though.

xbl is powered by azure now so i don't get what you mean when you say upgrade.

Like Sufi said, what exactly do you mean when you say it's flexible? How is Azure already one of the more flexible ones out there?
Flexible meaning that it supports a large number of its own apps. MS cloud probably has one of the largest collection of 1st party apps already in the cloud(Bing, skype, office 365, etc) and still they are able to support xbox live which has the 45 million members. So it's scale has to be pretty huge to support that while still offering public support too.

Not even large services like netflix supports that many members. Not saying that MS is better but it's definitely one of the ones to watch out for in the future. AWS is still the biggest public cloud provider out there but others like google, MS, Rackspace aren't that far behind.