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    Groupees Game Bundles [NEW: Be Mine X, 5 bonuses unlocked]

    Ive been a Groupees fan ever since the first bundle, and since then they have gotten better and better bundles. Unfortunately, they dont seem to get the attention they deserve so Ive decided to make this thread. Hopefully you guys find some games that interest you.

    Current Bundle(s):
    Build a Casual Bundle [Direct to Bundle] - Ends: November 20th

    Upcoming Bundle(s):

    Past Bundles:
    Aug 17 - Aug 30 | Build a Meridian4 Megabundle [Direct to Bundle]
    Aug 20 - Sep 04 | Be Mine 9 [Direct to Bundle]
    Aug 29 - Sep 11 | Capsule Computers Indie Bundle [Direct to Bundle]
    Sep 18 - Sep 20 | KISS 2 [Direct to Bundle] (Ended Early)
    Sep 12 - Sep 25 | Be Mine Special Edition [Direct to Bundle]
    Sep 23 - Sep 30 | Steam Punk - Game & Music [Direct to Bundle]
    Sep 25 - Oct 08 | Build a Bundle 7 [Direct to Bundle]
    Sep 27 - Oct 04 | KISS 2 Reloaded [Direct to Bundle]
    Build a Casual Bundle [Direct to Bundle] - Ends: October 13th
    Build a 1C Mega Bundle [Direct to Bundle] - Ends: October 22nd

    = Redeemable on Steam = Redeemable on Desura = DRMfree Download
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