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    A rookie's impressions

    So this weekend was my first go at the game, here are my most basic thoughts:

    They are nice enough. I thought everything looked cool and was very typical of FF.

    The music was very FF imo, I really liked the soundtrack.

    I liked the combat. I played as a lancer and it wasn't about standing still and DPSing. Some of his skills require you to attack from the side and rear for extra damage so there is a nice tactical aspect to fighting. Movement was nice enough but I didn't try a chocobo.

    At first I was a bit turned off that everyone can learn everything but I guess in the end people will always have their own builds and ways of playing. I just hope that they develop more specialisation into roles so that you dont have masters of all trades but ÜBERmasters of a job. Like...there should be another tier above Dragoon, that has even more elite skills to define that class/job.

    The starting quests were lackluster...killing cute animals and item collection. I hope this isn't representative of all the game's quests. It was basically just copy paste missions with different enemy skins in different areas.

    I really enjoyed it, I love an MMO set in FF lore, I love the idea of training my own choco I will probably bite, get the game and play it a month to see how it pans out.

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    Many MMO gameplay is "kill x bunnies to collect x" The story missions are where things take a different step. There are a fair amount of side missions where your collecting stuff, have not run into a quest that is really any different. Glad you liked it. Most cross class abilities are very limited so no need to worry about being op....but lancer is seriously op now lol

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