Respawn Entertainment surprised everyone when its Call of Duty meets mecha mash-up game, TitanFall, was announced for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC but not the PS4 or PS3. Designer Fairfax McCandlish explained in an interview released Monday why an EA published game ended up only on Xbox consoles.

McCandlish told Edge that the deciding factor came down to Microsoft's expertise in providing a solid online experience along with the promise of cloud servers to host TitanFall.

"Weíre a very small team, so we had to pick a platform if we were going to be on consoles," McCandlish explained, "and Xbox made the most sense. I feel that, in terms of multiplayer and communal gaming, Microsoft is like the Apple of videogames. You can just start your game without finding your disc, you can go to your friendís place and your saves are all there, and with the cloud servers you donít ever have to worry about transferring between hosts or bad latency."

McCandlish's statement echoes an earlier sentiment from Respawn engineer Jon Shiring who picked out the benefits of going with cloud servers as no more host advantage, plenty of available bandwidth, no host migrating, no hacked host cheating, and "lightning fast" matchmaking among other items.