"We see a lot of this online. It's not coming to PS4 or PC."

A quick update from Gamescom, where Jonty is labouring to persuade developers to tell him literally everything about everything pertaining to Xbox One. A Capcom show representative has reasserted Dead Rising 3's Xbox One-only status, in the face of claims that it's going to gravitate elsewhere after debuting on Microsoft's console.
"Definitely not a timed exclusive, it's an Xbox One game," said rep briefly detailed. "We see a lot of this online. It's not coming to PS4 or PC." It's also apparently "excellent", though you'll have to take Jonty's word for that. And also Aoife's. Here's a bit of insight from her.

Edwin @dirigiblebill
@mrjonty I r doin a nooz post

Aoife Wilson @AoifeLockhart
@dirigiblebill @MrJonty I combined a motorbike with a steamroller and crashed it into a museum. In a banana hammock. It was glorious.

Ain't she something? Personally, I'm more thrilled by the idea that I won't be forced through the game's storyline by mission countdowns (don't worry, purists - there's still a Nightmare Mode where the above applies). Look out for hands-on thoughts in the not-too-distant future, and read about the rest of Xbox One's exclusives via our Xbox One games hub.