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    Made me re buy one. Specially with Minecraft, Killzone Merc, Football Manager Classic, The Walking Dead and Borderlands 2..... Those will keep me going for ages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AaronSOLDIER View Post
    Dunno since you'll be using the wifi bandwidth, might have to be connected via ethernet.
    won't be the case PS4 will use DUAL BAND 802.11n 2.4/5 GHz WiFi antenna's and modules and is fully backwards compatible with older 802.11b/g and will support the new AC standard.

    PS4 will easily be able to stream your games to your vita with no fuss while you're playing an online multiplayer match, 802.11n has plenty of headroom and uses multiple input/output technology always has done. might be time to upgrade your router if it's still on the G... if someone had a decent G router with lets say triple antennas it might work well but pretty sure most of us have 802.11n compatible routers by now I know all the internet service providers in the past 2 years pretty much upgrade you for free here where I live.

    PS3 couldn't do multiple things because of the limitations of the 802.11b/g standards PSP was only 802.11b compatible which is 11mbps max but throughput would always be a lot less, even though My internet is DL is around 90mbps most of the time the PS3 only downloads between 2mbps and 6mbps max this is most likely due to the limitations of the 802.11g WiFi radio's built into PS3, back in 2006 they were impressive now not so much... G has a max speed of 54mbps but that's only one way traffic between your device and router... real world performance is much less, too many wireless things around my house, pretty much everything in my house is connected to the internet wired and wirelessly except for the record player.

    So if the PS3 connects to your router via G it's going to have a very hard time trying to communicate with the vita on b it would have simply created too many range and performance issues and the limitations of the network cards in PSP (they were very old school and not very future proofed) mixed with the better performance of the PS3 network cards there's just too many difficulties and the PS3 wasn't capable of communicating with the PSP wirelessly while it was handling its own WiFi internet connectivity.

    PS4 will be MORE than capable

    I bought my Vita back in june when Sony said "virtually every PS4 game will be playable on Vita" so I thought hey even if this thing fails as its own platform it has PS4 games to keep it playable.

    PS PLUS offerings alone make it worthwhile to own a Vita, 2 free games every month really adds up I've already got 12 full games from PS PLUS alone ("THANKS SONY").

    biggest downside to owning a Vita is their stupid proprietary memory cards "idiots sony idiots" I have a 32GB one which is plentiful wish they had 64GB ones but even the cost of that alone will make people say WTF.

    I bought a Vita not really doing my research on how most games need a memory card and some parts of games need to be installed onto local memory, got home with my all stars vita pack $250AUD but it didn't come with a memory card so I had to fork out $110AUD from memory to be able to play a game, now the 8GB ones from memory are $29.95 but I thought nah 8GB is not enough to keep me going for a while (especially with PS PLUS offerings) so I'll get the biggest available.

    Sony should have stuck with SDHC memory cards they're cheap like $5 for 8GB or something crazy like that, but I think sony has something against the SD group or perhaps just doesn't feel like paying to license another component which could be hacked to help pirate games who knows.
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    Borderlands is one of the western franchises that I like. So at some point ill get a Vita since there's a few other games too.
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    Made me Pre-Order my First Vita....Especially with the price drop...Got the Game Killzone Bundle coming this Friday....
    Had M$ Consoles from Day 1 Xbox/Xbox 360 and my PS3 only for Playstation Exclusives....
    But now i fancy a change...Got Launch PS4 Ordered...Vita this Friday and skipping Xbox 1 for at least 18months.....
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    Yep it was down to the PSP being bottlenecked with wireless B.

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    Got my vita at midnight, day one. love this thing never getting rid of it. Unless of course a Vita Slim model gets released, then i'll ditch it for the nicer model.
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    Trying to find a nice used one since the price came down. The only game I was is KZ, but the main thing is remote play with the ps4. I hope a lot of games support it.

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