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So what are the chances that BF4 final version for PS4 will be a native 1080p and not the upscaled 720p?

I'm not saying that 720p is bad. I love this game not because of the visuals. Just interesting...
Not likely, EA want it out for launch
But watch BF5 be way beyond BF4 graphically and be 1080p....maybe
Lack of time and optimization is the problem I see, things that would genuinely be hardware related reasons behind the drop in resolution aren't weaknesses in nextgen consoles, maybe the CPU compared to really powerful PC CPU's, but those 8 Cores should able to handle BF4, the GPU and Ram is more then enough to handle the graphics, framebuffers and everything else
Despite what PC buffs say the nextgen consoles aren't weak by any means, they're just not overpowered...well maybe a tiny bit for obvious reasons, but not like high-end PC rigs, which don't even use all their resources effectively in their life time.
Meeting a deadline and delivering a great version of the game seems to be prioritized at the cost of 1080p, afterall most wont notice the difference just like millions believe COD is HD this gen, but 60fps they are more likely too
Anyway its not like the game won't be in HD, it just wont be the maximum you TV can handle.
Alternatively you could get the PC version and upgrade your PC.

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