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    Project Spark Lets You Do Mo-Cap Using Kinect

    Project Spark had a presence at Gamesom, of course, so we have a bunch of footage of the devs showing us what it can do. And hey, you can use the Kinect to mo-cap your movements and map them onto monsters. That's kinda neat, right? You get a taste of some of that in one of the videos below, in which the guy animates the troll to make it dance and look angry and whatnot, but people at the actual conference are saying they've seen Project Spark used even more intricately.

    Of course, the big draw for Project Spark is the ability to create infinite little games with the only limit being your imagination. Check it all out below.

    Project Spark also has a beta rolling out in January. You can sign up for it at this link here.

    Skip to 7:20 to see the mo-cap in action.

    I make no secret of my disinterest in Kinect / PS Eye, but that is actually amazing! I absolutely adore the idea of Project Spark and were I getting an Xbox One I'd definitely pick it up.... and would be thankful for having Kinect to do motion capping. This is the one game I will miss most. Apparently Media Molecule might be doing something similar on PS4, if it can have mo-capping too, I'd be quite tempted to actually pick up a PS Eye.

    Anyways, enjoy!
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    I might pick up a Kinect if there is a debug mode on Windows were I can use these motion capture features in my own animations.

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    That is really really cool. PS is shaping up to be a badass lil piece of software.

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