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    By the numbers: Next-generation console software showdown

    I can't copypaste all the information here from the link.
    Following Monday's post in which we broke down Microsoft's list of 50 announced Xbox One games, and Tuesday's post looking at the 23 launch titles for the system, we got a few comments asking us to put the PS4's lineup through the same treatment. This is easier said than done, though, since Sony hasn't followed Microsoft's lead in releasing an official list of software that's been announced for the PlayStation 4, or an official list of games that will be ready for the PlayStation 4's November 15 North American launch.

    We didn't let that stop us, though. We combed the Internet and our archives to compile the most complete list of games announced for the PlayStation 4 that we could, including a whole host that were announced for the first time at Sony's Gamescom press conference Tuesday. We then figured out which ones were announced or seemed likely to make it to the PS4's launch and which ones would also be coming to other systems, among some other vital statistics.

    The results of all this number crunching are below, in both graph- and list-form, along with a big-ol' sortable spreadsheet with the source data. First, though, a few notes before we dive into the numbers.

    "True exclusives" are games that haven't officially been announced for any other platforms. Some of these are merely timed exclusives and may come to other systems in the future.
    "Console Exclusives" are games that are only on a single company's consoles (so a Vita or PS3 version wouldn't disqualify a PS4 game, for instance). These games often also have PC versions.
    "Next-gen only" games are ones that will not be available on current-generation home consoles. They may be available for portables or PCs, however.
    "Late releases" are games that will already be out on some other platform before they launch on the appropriate next-gen platform.
    "Original IP" is a game not based on an existing game franchise or property from another medium.
    Genre totals may not add up because some games were counted in multiple genres.
    These lists are subject to change, and in fact already look significantly different than they would have a week ago.
    Some things to note:

    Microsoft has more games that are truly exclusive, but Sony has many more "console exclusives," which mainly overlap with concurrent Vita and PC versions.
    More than half of the launch library for each system overlaps with the other system.
    Most of the PS4's advantage in total games and console exclusives comes from a bevy of independent titles they've been promoting quite heavily, largely from existing PC titles.
    Neither system seems set to have an RPG or platform game at launch.
    Generic shooters and/or action games of various stripes make up roughly half of each system's announced games.

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    Nice read
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    Cool post, good info

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    Lol I always think of xbox a fps console. now look who has shooter.
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