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    SC Blacklist.....frustrated co-op

    A friend and I rented this game because we just don't have the time to play to justify a purchase. We loved co-op Conviction but this we years ago when we played it.

    With that said, what is up with the checkpoint-less co-op gameplay? Get caught 20 minutes into your stealthy mission and start all over? Was Conviction this way too?

    The gameplay on Blacklist is awesome, but starting the lever over repeatedly is lame. Perhaps we're getting to old or our FPS games are getting us to rambunctious lol.

    We get the gameplay, but on "EASY" mode it would be nice to have checkpoints. Hate me all you want, I want to enjoy the game and if that means the game holds my hand throughout then that's what I want. That's why I choose "EASY".

    Since I haven't come across anyone else with this issue, I'm guessing we just suck lol.

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    I actually started the co-op in this game last night, and there are checkpoints. There might be something wrong with your game. The checkpoints helped me a lot because my friend and I are playing it on hard.

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