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    Man convinces woman her $#@! is haunted and tries to rid ghosts with his $#@!

    A man was recently arrested in China after he claimed that he could get rid of ghosts from a young woman's $#@! with his $#@!. The paranormalenthusiast allegedly charged $3250 to perform the sexorcism the Huffington Post reported today.Huang Jianjun was arrested in the Guangdong Province earlier this month after he convinced A Xin that he could remove evil spirits from her $#@! by having sexual intercourse. After the bizzare incident, Xin called police the following day and Jianjun was promptly arrested.

    "The victim allegedly came to the self-described "ghost hunter" because she needed help seducing her boss who she had a crush on. That's when Jianjun allegedly pitched the unorthodox exorcism idea," according to a report in the Global Times.

    Xin, an employee of a spice shop was so infatuated with her boss that she sought Jianjun for help because she wanted her employer to be with her. According to Xin, she claimed that Jianjun could help the two fall in love by giving her an exorcism.

    The pair met in a hotel room so that Jianjun could perform the exorcism. While in the room he had Xin strip nude so that he could examine her naked body. Jianjun then convinced Xin that he needed to have sex with her and that it was the only way to get rid of the evil spirits. Jianjun claimed that his $#@! would banish the ghosts that were preventing Xin and her boss from falling in love.

    Jianjun insists that he never had sex with the Xin and that he can't get an erection due to diabetes. He is currently in jail awaiting trial in Guangzhou.$#@!

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