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I played it last generation, wanted it this generation then they did the same thing with KZ2.

KZ3 had it, but it didnt get as good ratings, plus there were a tonne of games out on the ps3 and the 360 at the time that made it not worth considering.

As i have said it numerous times, gaming isnt only about what I personally want as an individual gamer. It is for that reason i was against MS ToS for the X1 when they made them public. For that same reason, i can never fathom why a developer wont go ahead and make some type of functionality universal. Majority of consoles are not online, and even fewer will be with the subscription model in place for online gaming, so that begs the question why not have a streamlined experience for both online and offline players?

I get a tonne of games that have features and gameplay types i sometimes never touch. I barely played versus a friend on Reach, never got to explore 10% the total maps (and I have all the maps) on ODST, never got to play multiplayer on GeoW2, just barely touched it on GeoW1, didnt play as much multiplayer on CoD or Resistance. It wasnt that i didnt want to play, it was that i didnt have as much time on my hands, and even then, I fully understood that regardless of how little i used those features, they mattered not only to me, but friends who played on my console more than I did.

Graphic fidelity, the developer not wanting to take a hit on resources or trying to make it work should never be an excuse for not making something work. I also hate having to miss games in a series of games, I got KZ, missed KZ2, never got kz3. Was somewhat interested in this one because the storyline is further ahead, but no splitscreen.

It is the reason i also skip battlefield, no straightforward shooter should come without splitscreen functionality for Coop or versus, similar to a racer unless they are online based like Driveclub or left for dead.
hey man I get that you want the feature and I think it's a valid desire. I'm just saying I'm not making excuses for the game, I just honestly don't care that the feature isn't there.