Now this may seem like a pointless thread because a lot of people are going to say "the same internet connection i've always used" whether that be WiFi and/or ethernet, however in my case I recently discovered that I have way too many WiFi devices in my house and that that as of now, I'm starting to see a large drop in WiFi performance and even though I'm using an 802.11n 2.4/5.0 dual band WiFi router that is supposed to be capable of up to 32 devices theoretically, real world performance suffers.. I did a speed test last night with my router, 4 devices were connected and weren't drawing much bandwidth from the router and My ping was 19ms with 48mbps down, 1.24mbps up.

I did the same test again this time with gigabit ethernet directly to my cable modem and I got 5ms ping 122mbps down and 2.84mbps up much much improved, so today I have replaced 3 major WiFi devices with wired connections and a spare wired connection is there ready for PS4.

I didn't ever remember having any real slow downs the past two years at my place with WiFi, there are however 12 visible SSID's that are within range on my street, it could possibly be the Wii U I purchased recently (that thing has the worst WiFi hardware in the world, drop outs all the time (one of the main reasons for going wired) it apparently uses WiFi direct 5.0GHz to connect the gamepad to the system, wireless devices are flying everywhere, my home theatre system has wireless speakers that operate in the 2.4GHz spectrum then there's iPad, 2 iPhone, 2 MBP laptops, PS3, Wii U, 2 wireless printers, TV, blu-ray player in bedroom, Vita and that's all I can think of at the moment.

So anyway long story short has anyone else experienced WiFi performance issues that bad that they've switched back to wired connections?... I think gaming really benefits from a wired connection it seems blazing compared to wireless, it seems wireless even though it's improved greatly over the years just still doesn't cut it especially when there's a trillion radio devices connecting to everything all over the street