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    Thanks for the GTA V sub section

    Just wanted to drop a thank you for the GTA V sub section and now we can get the crews and news and all sorted in the one place

    So this sub section will handle cheats, let's plays, walkthroughs and easter eggs etc...

    So guys be on your toes and lets make this an epic sub section

    Plus we will have threads for each of the three

    Explaining how people approached missions involving all three or two of the main characters and how differently the aproach and outcomes were and your experiences playing as each character
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    I just saw that new section and was searching around for a thread about it's creation. Should have known you'd be the maker of the thread, lol.

    I'm especially thankful for it. I'm sure an inevitable/accidental spoiler will be posted in a title and this way it lessens the chance someone (read:me) will see it. I already have a trip out of town planned for this weekend so that I'll be away from the computer and less chance of accidentally seeing anything I don't want to.

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