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    the weight was due to aim acceleration and very poor at that. It doesn't resemble weight at all, it's just bad controls. Delay doesn't resemble weight and neither does acceleration when aiming. CoD isn't the first game to have smooth controls, it's normal in FPS and it's a standard in PC gaming and should be a standard in all FPS games. If making the controls use delay and aim acceleration just to make them different and unique, well that is just dumb. I didn't hear anyone complain after they got rid of that horrible control scheme, people complained because of them using the match making system. There is no reason to put $#@!ty controls in what could most likely be an awesome game.

    When battlefield 3 first came out it was plagued by that same horrible delay and aim acceleration, no one liked it, it's crap and if they add it then I will say...screw that game.
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