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But seriously though, AC4 looks pretty tight, especially the next-gen version. but if the main guy is still getting away from all the crap he does, by jumping into a hay cart, i'm out. that is the most $#@!ing ridiculous $#@! i have ever seen in a video game.

it's so $#@! that it would make this game immensely better if they simply just removed it.
I find it quite funny when people get mad or don't like a video game because its not realistic.
If games were all realistic then they would be boring.
So I guess in AC you would rather climb down every lookout point manually because its realistic instead of taking a badass leap of faith onto a magical hay bail?
Yes it's kinda silly, but it's a video game, so it's allowed to be fake.
I myself wish AC and Deep Down could just take place in there own time period instead of this time travel mechanic, which is unnecessary IMO, especially in AC.
Will have to wait and see how it's implemented into Deep Down before we can really knock it.