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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher View Post
    They didn't let "Sony fans" in. They let GAMING fans in. What? You think they interrogated everyone who walked in the door as to their loyalties?
    Well we don't really know, I have no idea how people got to know that they were letting them in, but I i imagine they didn't announce it over the public speaker. I never suggested it was "Sony only" fans, but if your going to announce that you might be able to get into the Sony E3 conference, your not going to do it outside the Xbox booth. And anyone with the remotest interest in it, is likely to be at least vaguely interest in Sony.

    And, for the record, this was NOT E3, you guys forget it wasn't open to the public till the next day.
    This was pre-E3, not even at the conference center from memory.
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