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    Mighty No.9 Now Coming To PlayStation 3

    The campaign just passed $2.2 million which means it's now coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! Of course we only really care about the former.


    Keiji Inafune's side-scrolling indie shooter, Mighty No.9, is officially coming to the PlayStation 3.

    The game passed another one of its Kickstarter stretch goals today pulling in a whopping $2.2 million. Those who pre-order the game via the Kickstarter drive will be able to claim a PS3 version when it is released in 2015.

    Mighty No.9 was announced during Gamescom 2013, and reached its $900,000 funding goal within the first 24 hours. Mighty No.9 is a side-scrolling shooter, much like Inafune's previous creation Mega Man. Inafune left Capcom a few years ago and since then has formed indie studio Comcept Studios.

    Currently there are 14 days left in the Kickstarter drive. If the campaign reaches $3.3 million, a PlayStation 4 version of the game will be made as well. Early copies of the title can be pre-ordered by donating at least $20 to the Kickstarter campaign while it is still live.
    I donated $20 back when it started and I'm really excited to play it on a console. Wish we could get a Vita version though.
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    Keiji Inafune should just buy Megaman of capcom even though hes creating this. I love that this game was more made just to piss off Capcom and give them a waking up call.
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