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    This is unacceptable!! What if someone uses a 3d printer and makes a copy of my head or worse chops of my head to get to my game files!!!!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMG44 View Post
    This is unacceptable!! What if someone uses a 3d printer and makes a copy of my head or worse chops of my head to get to my game files!!!!?
    I hope they can do that! Someone can get into my game files and earn me some trophies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F34R View Post
    Um, I bet the people who wouldn't want something worthless mandatory to pay for... that's the benefit of it being a choice.
    1) We don't know if Kinect 2 was going to be worthless.
    2) Now that it's not mandatory, it probably is somewhat worthless.
    Quote Originally Posted by chriharr View Post
    To most people no, it serves as the next leap forward in gaming, seeing who you are playing with and organising events face to face is a good thing it encourages people to behave and not be little C%$#* online sure there's going to be little farks and a bunch of $#@!s here and there but most peoples feelings and attitudes will change over time, not having a camera you'll soon feel like you're living in the past and you don't want to come into the next gen with old school expectations.

    Accept now that at least at the very least half a million people will probably have a camera with their system already, 12 people I know are getting the PS4 eye with their playstation 4 consoles, 5 aren't these are people I work with as well it seems more people than you think will get a PS4 EYE because it will serve its purpose, it'll be great being able to just talk to people like normal and not through a headset all the time and to broadcast yourself playing games, doing this while being able to cross chat is a huge bonus, friends can watch you play and help you by talking to you while you play, it's great and you'll probably get a camera sooner than you think.

    A camera is a cheap no brainer for most and its just like having milk with your coffee or having an included front camera in your smart phone, it's not necessary but it's a nice feature to have.

    Ofcourse it won't recognise you after an accident, do you think your friends would immediately recognise you after an accident ?? and even if that 1 in 3 million chance did happen there's always buttons and a touch pad.

    It has two 3D camera's that are able to zoom in and out with ease and recognise objects and people from 30 feet away trust me it will work just fine with you sitting at the back of your room
    that wouldn't work because people would just turn off the video feed. also, the mics on these cams will never replace headphones. the PS3 eye is pretty good but i never use it for chat. also you can't use it if you're going to speak normally or low. you'd have to either yell or get real close to the cam.

    not to mention, that texas hold em game on PSN already has a video chat feature and while i've seen some use it, not everyone uses it. thus, i don't see how it'd be any different. i, for one, do not want to show myself because i'm not always fully clothed at home lol.

    i'm actually not a cam hater, i want this tech but not making it mandatory makes it worthless. there are benefits to making it mandatory.

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    Man the way I see it is it's good that it's not mandatory. Motion gaming is horrible, and has no place in hardcore gaming, IMO.
    The fact that devs aren't going to be putting useless motion controls into my games is a good thing.
    I never want motion controls to catch on, they worked for the Wii, but that's it.
    I think games should be either or, either it's an all motion experience or not at all, not thrown into games here and there. Having it mandatory will encourage devs to use it, and there is very few times where it's better to wave your hand around then to push a button.
    Even Heavy Rain was a pain because of the move controls, the only part of that game I didn't like was the controls.
    I'm glad people have the option. Of you want motion gaming buy a Wii, if you want "hardcore" motion gaming (lol!) buy an XBO. If you want a real gaming console then buy a PS4.
    If you like motion gaming then great, but forcing it on everyone is not a good idea. IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F34R View Post
    I hope they can do that! Someone can get into my game files and earn me some trophies.
    It's not that hard, finding 1:1 3D printer is the hard part..
    Of course there is very easy way to make that impossible by using face 'gestures' as part of the login.

    The new pseye has 2x720p cameras with prime lense which can focus objects as close as 30cm.
    This means that the maximum resolution for a 3d scan is ~20 samples per centimeter. (horizontal)
    Of course one can get better resolution and coverage with more shots and from different angles.
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    Couple of nice blog posts about OpenGL.
    The Truth on OpenGL Driver Quality
    Things that drive me nuts about OpenGL

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