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    Easiest (but most fun) GTA to date? (may contain spoilers)

    Firstly I love the GTA series big time, but on occasion especially with GTA:SA I found myself getting very frustrated at times.

    Did anyone else who's finished the main story find this to be the easiest and least frustrating GTA to date? I haven't gone through and got all golds yet, not sure I'll bother, but in general completing missions was a breeze.

    The checkpoints really help keep the frustration levels down if you fail missions as you don't have to go miles back and start again like older installments (particularly annoying in GTA:SA).

    Don't get me wrong I don't mind it being this way, I don't have time these days to keep repeating myself over and over in hard games trying to beat a specific boss/mission in a game.

    The health regenerating up to 50% also really helped, I never bothered going to look for health packs, although you do die very quickly under sustained fire and the AI seem to be pretty good shots!

    Now the police, they have to be the easiest to evade. The idea of them having search patterns and their own view made it seem like they would be hard to evade, but all you need to do is get of their site and hide down an alley way, behind a wall! Sometimes they will investigate, but not often.

    None of these are complaints and I'm loving the game and I have so much more I want to do and if it releases on PS4 I will definitely re-buy it.

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    I know people who love this game because they generally would get stuck on some mission and it would cause them to stop playing.

    They definitely seem easier, but I think the addition of mission ratings will help with the "elite" players wanting to be on higher ground than others. This way they can spout about having all golds while others have a variety (not to say all people who want gold will look down on others, I'm going after gold but don't care if anyone else doesn't want to devote time into that).

    And there are actually some people who think the police are extremely hard. They are definitely more aggressive in vehicles but yea, on foot though they're a little easier. However, it kind of feels realistic. I don't know how many times I've seen choppers fly around the Venice area (in real life) and they never end up catching who they were looking for.

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    I agree with you and after finishing the story I thought exactly the same. It was absolutely no challenge for me completing the story and I never had any difficulties. For me the story was a disappointment in terms of difficulty and story-script.

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    Sounds good. I will pick up goty edition when that releases with everything.

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    Speaking of GTA: SA. I only played it briefly, and after playing a bit of GTA4, so I found the shooting controls really awkward.
    I did play the hell out of Vice City, but that was a while back.
    Anyway, if this game is indeed even easier than GTA4, then that isn't necessarily a bad thing. As somebody pointed out, the star rating definitely adds difficulty and replay value, just like it did in Ballad of Gay Tony.
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    I was so bored with all other gta stories that I have never finished a single game. I normally played for a couple hours, entered cheats, and blew everything up. Did that for a few weeks and put it away. Im actually playing the story on this game though and it's fun so far. Not sure if I will finish it since it seems so long. I still haven't finished the last of us, hitman, and a couple others.

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    I can't say that I have found any of the GTA games to be difficult. for me, the enjoyment has never been in the challenge.

    I struggled with a few of the missions early on this time, though that was because I wasn't used to the controls. I honestly don't know why rockstar feels the need to continually swap the controls around.
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    I think it's okay for games like Skyrim and GTA to be easy (mission-wise) because you don't play these games for the difficulty. GTAV was advertised as the world's greatest open world game, and that is exactly why people bought it. You just can't beat virtual skiing and running from the cops in the biggest video game city in existence.

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