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    GTA V, Since You Have Finished. Your Honest Opinion

    Ok this is for those that have completely finished the game either 100% or not... What is your over all honest opinion on GTA V

    and would you consider playing all the way through again and would you approach it differently so you can have a better experience

    Now i have not completed the entire game what so ever. So never worry about spoiling it for me and since i do not aim to finish the game anytime soon

    I am happy to hear your honest points about the game
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    There were some disappointments but overall it's a great game.

    I just wish more places were able to be robbed and there were heists after the story.

    I'll definitely get around to replaying the story though, the only thing stopping me is that I just finished it and have done plenty of missions again and again getting gold, so kind of drained of wanting to do them again.

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    For me the story was one of the most disappointments. In my opinion it was short and the dialogues as well as the story scripting were poor. Over-usage of words like $#@!, $#@!in A, Holla at you etc. The story had decent missions but none of those where remarkably memorable. The three characters story concept did well but the story itself didnt keep up well with it. I did like the distinction of the main protagonists though. The ending was also disappointing as there were absolutely no special events in the last mission and It was very easy. Overall I can say that all the missions are easy in this game as I had absolutely no challenge completing them. The side and optional missions are very boring, repetitive and very unrewarding. At last I have to say that I expected a lot more.

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