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    Question Was DRM the deal breaker for switchers?

    What l'd like to know is how many of the people switching to the Ps4 from an Xbox are doing it for the same reason I am. Although there are other areas where I feel the Ps4 stacks favorably against the new Xbox it was the DRM policies that caused me to question my relationship with Microsoft in the first place.

    Microsoft's 'no used games' policy, mandatory online check-ins and the 'always on' Kinekt policy made me feel that
    a) l could not trust them.
    b) They did not respect me.
    Their reversal on some of these policies after much public anger did not win back any of my goodwill.

    So my question is only for people switching to the Ps4 from an Xbox.
    Does the reason you are switching to Sony fall into the category of 'DRM' or 'OTHER'?
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    Yes, DRM, always on, kinect required, etc. they backed them all out but the damage is done, I'm not buying an X1.

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