I’m delighted to announce the opening of a new PlayStation Universe YouTube channel. Many of you may have been, or still are, subscribed to http://www.youtube.com/user/PSUniversedotcom . This channel is no longer in use and will be shut down very shortly.

We are re-launching with PSUtube - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6QnJM_txgwD7WSG3w_fVGg
The channel will consists of trailers, developer interviews, event coverage and a brand new weekly show called SE500 (whose name derives from the 500 server error that has plagued the site for a number of years).

The show will feature original content and cover the latest topics from the world of videogames. With Justin Titus (Agriel) producing the show we can also expect lots of humour and plenty of surprises. In the teaser trailer you can also see our new host, the lovely Marjaana who will be fronting the weekly show.

We’re still in the process of populating the channel but over the coming weeks you should start to see more and more videos on a daily basis so please do subscribe.

The first of our weekly shows will kick-off next week.

Check out the teaser….