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    Microsoft confirms Xbox One only has 5 minutes of recording

    God damn you agent Phil!

    Although this previously seemed nailed down, comments by Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison yesterday during his Eurogamer Expo talk re-opened speculation about how long Xbox One’s DVR capabilities would allow you to record game footage. While showcasing Xbox One’s Upload Studio,*Harrison said users could record ”as much or as little as they wanted.”*Microsoft now says that these comments were taken out of context, and that the previously known figure of 5 minutes recording time is still correct.

    “We are committed to giving gamers the ability to produce high quality videos easily and quickly,” a Microsoft representative told Game Informer. “We can confirm the recording buffer in Game DVR is 5 minutes, which we feel is optimized to take advantage of high-quality production features and advanced social mechanics in Xbox One.”

    Perhaps Harrison was referring to how many 5 minute clips a player can produce, rather than the length of an individual clip. Otherwise it’s hard to see how the comment could have been taken out of context.

    The 5 minute limit puts the console at a disadvantage against PS4′s recording capabilities, which will buffer 15 minutes of recording.

    To be absolutely clear, regardless of whether you are capturing something from the buffer or pressing the record button and capturing gameplay from that point forward,*clips will be capped at five minutes. We're unclear where the disconnect was, but apparently this means that "as much or as little as they want" doesn't refer to recording time. We've asked for clarification on what Harrison was referring to.

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    You can record as much or as little as you long as it is not over 5 minutes!

    With PS4 the sky is the limit...with XB1 the limit is the sky!

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    Another one bites the dust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyClaw View Post
    You can record as much or as little as you long as it is not over 5 minutes!

    With PS4 the sky is the limit...with XB1 the limit is the sky!
    But but but....the clodu the power of the cloud I mean cloud cloud it is awesome.

    Thats why it is called cloud because it has limits lol.

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