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    Watch Dogs Runs at 30 Frames Per Second on Next-Gen Consoles

    Believing that consistency is critical, Watch Dogs developer Ubisoft Montreal is currently targeting 30 frames per second as the framerate in its debut title on next-generation consoles.

    "Right now the frame rate we're focusing on [is] a steady 30 [FPS]," said creative director Jonathan Morin in an interview with VideoGamer. "There's always a balance, especially for open world, between the simulation and the rest. I think for where we are, the most important thing is the steadiness and [ensuring] that it's always capped the same so when you play it it feels right."

    The subject of the next-gen versions' native resolution was also broached, but Morin said he was unsure as to the answer.

    odd that the creative director of the game does not know the native resolution of the game on nextgen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yungstar 2006 View Post

    odd that the creative director of the game does not know the native resolution of the game on nextgen.
    he doesn't want to share it.

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    I didn't pre-order this game and while it looks good, I'll wait until after it comes out. There really is no excuse for lack of effort for this game. The PS4 is easier to developer for and if they are slacking off then I'm glade I wait to see the game. Chances are I won't get just because they are beating around the bush to much. After developers do that for awhile, I tend to lose interest in the game. I think the game looks really good, but to much beating around the bush.

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