Disclaimer - I'm not a software developer, though I have studied programming and can write the odd line of code if I need to (amature) -

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If you're developing cross platform, you're already writing in different APIs
Just re-read this and wonder if it's stricly true? How many games programmers actually interact with the lower level API's directly? It wouldn't surprise me if much of the API's was hidden behind the chosen game engine? With compiler flags dictating whether OpenGL or DX or whatever is used based on target platform being compiled to?

Take the Unity engine as an example (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_%28game_engine%29) compiles to just about every platform under the sun using either Direct-X or OpenGL.

PS4 has it's own API's based on OpenGL and Direct-X, Microsoft use Direct-X, everyone else uses OpenGL. What is the driving factor for unity to re-write all their routines so they can be compiled against Mantle instead? Why will Ubisoft re-write AnvilNext to support Mantle when it already compiles to every major platform without it?

Like I say, I think it's devisive technology.

What that does show though is the importance of the chosen game engine on the end games performance. And why judging the new consoles on launch titles using old ported engines is fruitless.