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    Rumour: Ps Store is integrated in the UI

    Trollin through GAF and came across this -

    Ps Store is integrated in the UI.
    it is quite similar to PS VITA.
    When you highlight a game, You can see the dlc and news there.

    Some other nuggets

    you can use the PS camera to stream a picture in picture of yourself where you can live comment on your stream

    Dan Greenawalt has told VG247 that his team is already using 100% of Xbox One to develop Forza Motorsport 5.
    This sounds extremely strange, I myself have not been working on a Xbox One.

    Our game engine uses about 45-55% of the PS4 performance.
    the GPU and RAM is an absolute beast.

    I think that in the near future will have a video where Sony itself will demonstrate the UI.

    Yeah heard whispers from Epic Games,
    MR said "Yeah, we're really pleased with what we got - at least so far from Sony
    This is a phenomenal piece of hardware and we're going to do amazing things with it."

    TS said "Sony has defined an ideal next-generation platform"

    SG said "Having 8GB of DDR5 ram is staggering, as the speed that the data can be shifted around outstrips that 8GB. However, as a smallish indie, to us it's not about what we can do, it's about what we can do well. 1080p, 60fps, 3D is where it's at, and so far we're blown away by what we've managed to achieve with the hardware. Currently our imaginations are running away with themselves"

    I know 4 a fact Snowdrop is running better on the PS4 then on a Xbox One.

    The news of watch dogs beeing superior on The PS4 is just The first game to admit it, just wait, all the wisphers says The same thing.

    talked to a friend today, he is more familiar with the UI. Works @ Sony
    according to my friend, the Trophy information dynamically synchronizes.
    The UI in the video is about 3 month old, a new version is ready to go 2 Dev teams next week.
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