I bought 500 Gig GTA V PS3 after my Piano YLOD for the second time, and that was on thursday The 26th, haven't had it a week yet. I did all the research and everyone said it was fine and it ran quiet, I've literally ONLY played GTA V, the movie Paul on it since i've had it. Everyone said the system ran super quiet, but I can hear it whirring when playing GTA, and tonight I attempted to play again and got a message that said 'The system is overheating, it needs to cool down for a while.' That displayed for about 20 seconds then it shut down. I let it sit for an hour and attempted to turn it back on, and the fan blew at FULL power, the DS3 wouldn't sync to the system and I got an error about improper shutdown. Force-shut the system down again as the fan was kicking up a racket.

Suggestions on what to do about this would be much appreciated. Thanks.