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ok sorry lol. well, then you have to be more specific. yes, there is a minority here from both sides (well, proportionately they are a minority) that do not like one console over the other and all that jazz. in general, i think it's more to do with preference than dislike. there are some things that i like about PS over Xbox so naturally i dislike some things about the Xbox...and i prefer the PS. if those things weren't there then i would have no issue going Xbox.

just like i have no issue sticking with Windows even though i dislike some things about it. it just has more support in the end.

i get what you're doing and it's the right thing to say and do but you're going to soon realize that you're wasting your time and it's falling on deaf ears. in the end, it's not a big deal, it's just gaming, it should be a hobby for people. and yes, some people like myself like to argue about it but in the end, i would enjoy all platforms if i had the chance.
Maybe I should have, I just assumed people would know I was talking about all gamers in general. My bad.