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    Quote Originally Posted by Sufi View Post
    really? weird because that's the first i've heard of it. makes no sense why it would be required. on the X1, before the change, it made sense because supposedly the disc was only data, didn't have boot records. which means it was just like a PC disc that can't be played, it needs to be installed first. due to DRM. so makes no sense here why they need to force that. they may have gotten that wrong i think.
    It's installed during playtime, so it's not as bad as it's on PC, x360 or ps3.
    It should be similar on DD as well, you do not need to load whole game before you can start playing it.

    For developers this is very good news, you can be sure that you have HDD as storage medium and no speed/latency difference between DD or disc version.

    For us it's nice as well as you can get disk version even though you have SSD or Hybrid drive on your Ps4 and still get all the advantage from the drive.
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    Couple of nice blog posts about OpenGL.
    The Truth on OpenGL Driver Quality
    Things that drive me nuts about OpenGL

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