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    @yosp (Shuhei Yoshida) Interview. Last Guardian PS4 slip??

    Q: Moving on to the PlayStation 4, Sony probably had the best E3 it's ever had this year...

    Shuhei Yoshida: Since the launch of PS1!

    Q: Even at that launch, you'd never have received an ovation just for saying "we're going to have the same business model as last time".

    Shuhei Yoshida: Maybe you're young [laughs]. I was there at our very first E3 in 1995 - it was in a much smaller hall, but this huge standing ovation... When the pricing for the PS1 was announced, around $299, it was... Wow.

    Q: Okay, but..

    Shuhei Yoshida: No no no. We had great competition. Great!

    Q: Yes, you had wonderful competition - for you.

    Shuhei Yoshida: From our standpoint, yes... [laughs]

    Q: You mentioned the support PS4 is getting from indies - arguably one of the most interesting th...

    Shuhei Yoshida: Oh, sorry, sorry! And somehow, this is $100 cheaper

    Q: I'll wrap up with an inevitable question which you're probably not going to answer. The Last Guardian - where is it? It's in this building [Sony Studios Japan] somewhere, presumably?

    Shuhei Yoshida: Yeah, in this building!

    Q: What console is it coming out on?

    Shuhei Yoshida: Ahh... That, I cannot talk about.

    Q: It doesn't seem to make any sense for it to a PS3 title so late in the lifespan. I know they have PS4 kits in their office, because I heard them talking about them...

    Shuhei Yoshida: So, we're waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian in an appropriate way. I can't... Well, the game is in development, and it's well staffed, and Ueda-san is here, working - even though he's not a Sony employee, he's dedicated to the product. But we're not ready to update yet.

    More in the link

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    damn!! beaten ))

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    Between this and the possibility of Psygnosis being reborn, they are killing it lately
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    This is.. the first positive news I've heard about The Last Guardian for a long while? And PS4 to boot! I can understand that they want this to fly under the radar this time.

    But man, I'm feel this massive line-up of games coming the next couple of years. No real reason to wait it out like with the PS3!
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    Hope it's out before Duke Nukem Forever 2

    Seriously though, This is the game I've been looking forward to the most for years, I'm a huge Ico fan (didn't like sotc as much as some, the framerate wasn't the best on PAL ps2 and I found timing stabs quite frustrating. It was still very good though)

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